CNC Machine Retrofits


CNC Machine Retrofits

To retain your competitive edge your equipment must keep pace with all the technological advancements that are constantly being made in the industry. So when you have an older machine that’s sound but needs an upgrade Euro CNC are here to assist

By rebuilding older machines and upgrading with the latest technology, you are saving time and money compared to the investment required in a new piece of equipment.

At Euro CNC we strip the machine right down to basics, clean and paint it to the Customer’s RAL specification and replace or refurbish worn parts. Working closely with NUM UK, we retrofit these machines with the NUM Axium control, digital motors and drives complete with a new control panel.

One of the benefits of working NUM UK is the superb software package NUMGear offering conversational control to create hobbing (grinding) cycles without the need for CNC programming skills.

We will refurbish and retrofit the customers own machine, locate a machine on the customers behalf or provide one from our stock of gear machines to give you the best cnc machine retrofit.

At Euro CNC we can retrofit upgrade and maintain all types of CNC machine tools take a look at just some of our previous projects.

  • Hurth Modul 03 and 05 gear hobbing machines
  • Sykes HS150 Gear hobbing machine
  • leibherr L2400 and LC1002 gear hobbing machines
  • Cima 220 gear hobbing machine
  • Pfauter PE150 and PE250 auto loader gear hobbing machines
  • Mecof Model System
  • Mecof DGT2 5-axis milling machine
  • Stanko Gear Shaper
  • Tos gear shaper
  • Lorenz LE gear shaper
  • Prawema SL2-1 tooth rounding machine
  • Prawema SKF1500E deburring machine
  • Favretto MC100 surface grinder
  • Springfield bore grinder